Rules & Guidelines

Purpose: The purpose of the Club is to generate interest in cats, and to promote pure breeding. This is achieved through regular meetings, shows and magazines.

The name of the Club is “KATTEKLUBBEN”

Article 1:
Acceptance to the Club will be denied if membership is held with one of the other main clubs accepted by Felis Danica (Racekatten, DARAK, JYRAK)

Article 2:
A general meeting will be held every year on the second Saturday or Sunday of February. To become a candidate for the Board or participate in the election process, a member must be above the age of 18 and have been a member for 6 months.

Members may vote either at the general meeting or by mail. The invitation to the general meeting is the only official method of absentee voting.

Article 3:
The invitation to the general meeting must be received by the members no later than 3 weeks prior to the meeting, and must contain the following:

Selection of a Chairman.
Selection of a Referee and Election Officials.
Selection of the candidates for the following offices:
A: President (odd years)
B: Cashier (even years)
C: 7 Members of the board (3 in odd, 4 in even years)
D: 2 Substitutes
E: 2 Accountants
F: Accountant substitute
G: 2 representatives for the plenary assembly at Felis Danica
The standing President’s annual report and presentation of yearly club plan.
Chart accounts
Preliminary budget
Suggested rate of subscription fee
Member suggestions
Any other business

Article 4:
The Board is elected at the general meeting, as stated under article 3, and must consist of the following offices: President, Vice president, Secretary, Cashier, Pedigree Secretary, Show Secretaries and 3 Board members.
After the general meeting is over, the Chairman will call the first Board meeting. The purpose of the meeting will be to appoint the members of the Board. The newly appointed Board will declare the order of business for the next year.

The appointments will appear in the notes from the general meeting, which will be available on the website.

Article 5:
Suggestions for the general meeting and candidacies for the board must be received by the Chairman by the 31st of December.

Article 6:
The business year is from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. A revised budget must be sent out along with the invitation for the General Meeting and the presentation of the chart accounts for the following year.

Article 7:
Election of delegate for Felis Danica

Article 8:
The management of the association
Article 8.1:
The Board is responsible for the daily operation of the Club. In order to achieve this, the Board will have the funds of the Club at their disposal.
The Board will be held accountable for the daily operations of the Club at the general meeting

Should any financial arrangements arise that are out of the ordinary, the Board will need the approval of the members at the General Meeting.

Article 8.2:
Only the Club’s property may be held liable to fulfill the Club’s obligations.

Article 8.3:
The President may call a board meeting when deemed necessary, or when 4 or more Board members request a meeting.

Article 8.4:
The Board can make vote on a proposal when 5 or more Board members are present at an announced meeting. Votes are finalized when the majority of the members are in favor of a proposal. In the case of a tie, the board will follow the vote of the President.

Article 8.5:
A minute book is presented at the General Meeting. Board and General Meeting summaries are recorded in a minute book by the secretary and signed by all present board members. Signatures of the President and Chairman will be required at the general meeting.

Article 8.6:
The club may be established by 3 members, one of which must be the President.

Article 8.7:
The Board can authorize someone to sign for the Club partially or completely.

Article 9:
Persons outside the Board may enter into employment of the Club by authorization of a Board Member, and can be held responsible for their actions by the Board if agreed upon.

Article 10:
Unscheduled general meetings may be called when a written motion is filed by either the President, 4 Board Members or 2/3 of the members. Invitations to the unscheduled general meeting must be received 2 weeks prior to the meeting date, and held no sooner than 2 weeks after.

If the number of Board members becomes less than 5, an unscheduled general meeting will automatically be called. The only order of the day will be the addition of 2 Board members.

Article 11:
Membership of the Club is renounced when:
- Membership fees aren’t paid by January 31st.
- Failure to comply with the rules and guidelines of Felis Danica or “KATTEKLUBBEN”.
- If the Board votes to exclude a member of “KATTEKLUBBEN”.

Article 12:
It’s forbidden for a member to sell cats to animal testing or pet shops

Article 13:
The Club may be dissolved at an unscheduled general meeting. The dissolution of the Club requires an affirmative vote of 3/4ths of the members. Upon the approval of the Clubs dissolution any property owned by the Club will be distributed to other causes which will be voted on at the General Meeting.

Article 14:
The Rules and Guidelines of KATTEKLUBBEN can be modified at a general meeting with 2/3rds affirmative member votes.
Announcements of modified Rules and Guidelines must be published as soon as possible after the general meeting, or in the third issue of “KatteMagasinet”.