General information for the show in Køge, January 2018

Rishøj Idrætscenter
Skolevej 7
4600 Køge

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of January 2018.

2-day show/ 2-certificate show exhibition

Judges Saturday.

Judges Sunday.

Invited judges:
Subject to alterations
Navn  Nationalitet  Kategori  
Charles SpijkerNLAll-Round
Jørgen BillingDKAll-Round
Dorte KaaDKAll-Round
Leslie Van GrebstDKAll-Round
Linda Riekstina (tidl. Sviksa)LVI & II
Minna KroghDKAll-Round

Exhibition fees:
It is crucial to pay your exhibition fee within the deadline if you want your registration to be binding.
Fees for entering at the show  currency    
Entry fee per catDKK275,00
Veteran / Retired / ExtraDKK75,00
Breeding (for members of KATTEKLUBBEN only)DKKFree
Entry fee per cat outside of judgementDKK125,00
1 cat alone in a doublecage or doublesturdiDKK350,00
Litter outside of judgementDKK150,00
Judging of colorDKK100,00
"For sale" cage (members of KATTEKLUBBEN only)DKK50,00

Credit card,
see Payment to KATTEKLUBBEN
Homebanking: Reg.nr 3203 kontonr. 1576089

Overførsel fra udlandet:
IBAN DK4630000001576089
Remember to bring a receipt for your payment.

Veterinary control and check-in:
Both days 8.00 am - 9.00 am.
Judging starts at 9:30 am.

Please note that all vaccinations and revaccinations must have taken place at least 15 days before the exhibition, meaning before January 12th.

Opening hours:
Audience 10 am – 5 pm
Exhibitors 8.00 am - 7 Pm
No cats are to leave the premises before the exhibition is over, which is no later than 7 pm.

Deadline for registration and cancellation is January 14th 2018 or coincides with attaining cage or judge capacity.
Deadline is the day where both registration and payment must be received by KATTEKLUBBEN.

Are always very welcome, whether they are new or experienced.
Please contact:
Lars Seifert-Thorsen
Guldregnvej 4
4600 Køge
Phone. +45 56 63 93 00.
Email: lars@katteklubben.com

The fee for stewarding is 200 kroner or the exhibition fee. Refreshments will be served during the course of the day and there will be lunch with the judges. Any stewards that have registered prior to the exhibition will automatically be first in line for check-in and veterinary control.

Training judges:
Inge Nord
Lyngby 4
9370 Hals
Email: formand@katteklubben.com

1/1 page (A5)................... Kr. 200,-
1/2 page (Half A5)........... Kr. 125,-
(Prices exclude VAT)
Adverts must be prepaid.

Please send adverts to:
Kirsten Foldager
Lovrupvej 35
6690 Gørding
senest ved deadline (February 3st 2017)
Email: show@katteklubben.com

Inge Christine Bonefeld Nielsen
Kongebrogade 50,1
6000 Kolding
Phone. +45 25 36 13 29
Email: inge@katteklubben.com

David Ramm
Fårbækvejen 65,
7000 Fredericia
Phone. +45 28 40 65 35
Email: buransvarlig@katteklubben.com

Powerpoint presentation
50 kr. pr. dag

Please send images and text to Inge Christine Bonefeld Nielsen
Email: inge@katteklubben.com

Secretary of prizes
Helle Høybye
Skovlundvej 6
6000 Kolding
Phone. +45 76 31 20 19
To notify us on prizes, please contact:

The deadline to make the catalogue is January 6th 2018.
Email: praemie@katteklubben.com