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Judges for Køge 2018 below.

Judges Saturday.

Judges Sunday.

Exibition catalog.

Admission for Topcat 2017 is now open.

Katteklubben Topcats 2016 are now published on our webpage -

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Changes to classification of Junior, kittens and litters, valid from January 1st 2014

Class 11 junior. Cats ages 7-10 months
Class 12 Kittens. Cats ages 4-7 months.
Class 19 Litter. Litters of minimum three kittens (4-6 months)

Do you have the ideas and do you want to put in the work to see them through?
Then we need you on the board of Katteklubben.

At the next general meeting there will be available places on the board. We therefore ask potential candidates to inform the chairman of the board before December 31.
The members of Katteklubben get a discount on genetic testing. Please read further under the heading “membership advantages”.
Katteklubben has a new facebook page. Check it out and become a member here.

KATTEKLUBBEN offers its members with questions regarding breeding and genetics to contact our genetics consultant Charly Riis. See further information under the board of Katteklubben.